Multi-Pitch Climbing: What to Pack?

Do you bring a pack with you when you take on multi-pitch climbing? When I climb a longer multi-pitch (usually more than three pitches) I’ll bring a small pack to carry some essentials:

1. Water

With the built-in Deuter hydration system, it’s super convenient to bring water with you on a climb, without having to worry about anything spilling. (I recommend the 2L Streamer or the 3L Streamer). Additionally, I’ll bring a water bottle of a sports drink to provide much needed sugar and electrolytes.

2. Snacks

I always slip a few granola bars, energy chews or similar in the top little pocket of my pack so I can get to them easily between pitches. Food will keep you warmer and the climbing easier.

3. Headlamp

Always bring it, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. You never know when epic fun will head sideways. This could be the difference between sleeping on the summit or at home.

 4. A sweater or rain jacket (or both!)

I always carry a rain jacket with me, especially in places prone to sudden afternoon thunderstorms. Getting wet on a climb is not only inconvenient, but can also be deadly. Depending on the weather, I’ll also bring a fleece or down jacket.

5. Anchor cord or webbing

Always bring some cord in case you need to build or replace rappel anchors. Building a rappel anchor on an anchor without chains or replacing a rap keeps you and your gear safer. And it improves the climbing experience for everyone.

6. Knife

A knife has a million uses. The rope gets a core shot. The rope gets wedged in a crack. Your locking carabiner becomes stuck closed on an anchor. Cutting cord to build a rappel anchor. Sharing an apple. You name it. 

7. First aid kit

Keep it minimal – maybe some tape, gauze, Neosporin, Advil.
If you're looking for a suggested backpack, the Deuter Speed Lite 22 or Speed Lite 10 are my go to choices. 
The author with her Deuter Speed Lite 22 backpack
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