Have you ever wondered which deuter packs are our staff favorites? Can we possibly pick just one when we have access to so many? Well, it turns out, some of the staff can pick a top choice while others struggle to land on just one. What we did find out when polling the office was there are two packs that do stand out for multiple staff members, the Trail hiking pack and the Kid Comfort child carrier. Let's find out what our staff has to say.

Trail Series

Amy hiking in Glacier National Park

Amy - As the author I decided to start with my favorite pack (yup, I am 100% biased). I have used a Trail pack since 2010. I started with the Trail 28 SL and just upgraded to the Trail Pro 30 SL a few months ago. This has been my go to pack for hiking everywhere from National Parks to snowshoeing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I've had multiple shoulder surgeries and the Trail SLs have been by far the most comfortable on my shoulders. Two of my favorite features are the hip belt pocket which I can get 2 snacks in and the rain cover that is included. The rain cover especially came in handy in Banff National Park back in June when we had rain on and off almost everyday.  

Justin taking a picture in Grand Teton National Park

Justin - I really like my Trail 26. I love the comfort and support of the Airstripes back system that keep the pack close to my body and gives some ventilation. I also like the fact the hip belt can be stowed away when I'm not carrying a lot of weight. It’s been my choice for day hikes.

Iris on a winter hike

Iris (who was not able to pick just one) - When I head out on a hike longer than 2 hours I reach for my Trail SL. It's a great size for year round hiking with plenty of room for water and extra layers on longer hikes. The U-shaped zipper gives me easy access to all items in the pack and I love the option for attachments outside of the pack. 

Kid Comfort Series

JD carrying his daughter home from school

JD - Hands down the Kid Comfort has been my favorite pack because it has given me the opportunity to make great memories with my daughter. When the weather was nice out I would pick my daughter up from pre-school twice a week and walk home with her in our KC. Even though the walk was a little less than a mile home we would take the time to look at plants and trees and share good conversations. She loved it and we had a lot of fun together. We did this for 2.5 years until she got too big for the KC.

Ryan on a hike using the Kid Comfort child carrier

Ryan - The Kid Comfort is my favorite right now. The weight distribution is great, it has all the features you need, and is relatively light. But above all else, it gets the little one and I outside together!

For Climbing

erin at MI Ice Festival

Erin - When I head out on climbing trips I use the Guide 42+ SL. It's very comfortable and has room to carry sport and trad gear. I have very fond memories of adventures with this pack including at the Michigan Ice Festival in 2018. You definitely need a a bigger pack for all your gear and layers when you are in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the winter. 

Todd packing Futura Pro

Todd - Yes, I know it's more of a hiking or backpacking bag, but I use my Futura Pro EL as my main climbing pack. I've been using it for about 5 years now, it's super durable, and feature rich. While it is my main climbing pack I have used it for backpacking as well and love the versatility of it. 

Other Packs We Like

April wearing an AC Lite 22 SL

April - I absolutely love my AC Lite 22 SL. It's light and very, very comfortable thanks to the Aircomfort back system with maximum ventilation. 

Alex on a night tour with his Freerider

Alex - The Freerider is my absolute favorite pack. It's fit and comfort make it disappear on steep and deep descents while the extra volume and fully opening backpanel make transitions a breeze. There's rarely a day, resort or backcountry, where I'm not bringing it along.

Iris Flyt1

Iris (we told you she had more) - The Flyt 12 SL is an amazing bike pack! It carries well even on bumpy downhills and has great organization pockets for tools, pumps, etc. There is still plenty of room for water, snacks, and extra layers as well. The Flyt also has an easy access cell phone pocket. Probably my favorite feature is the back protection that only adds minimal weight but gives me maximum peace of mind. 

iris pulse

Iris (we allowed one more so we could share a picture of her dog Hatch) - The Pulse 3 has so many uses for me. It's perfect for hikes and walks that are less than 2 hours. It holds 1.5L of water, some snacks, and a light jacket. It's also what I grab when I go fly fishing since it doesn't get in the way when I cast, but can have some of my fishing supplies and water close at hand.

Now that you know some of our staff picks, we want to hear from you. What's your favorite deuter? Write a comment below or better yet, share with us on social media using #MyFavoriteDeuter. 

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