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We promise to repair any Deuter pack free of charge, no matter its generation or the reason for damage or defect. Regardless of how many trail miles it has seen, we’ll attempt to stitch it up for many more adventures to come. If this pack is deemed to be truly at the end of its trail life and is irreparable, we’ll replace it with the closest comparable pack.

We believe in the durability of our products.

We believe in the best customer support.

We believe in collective action to reduce our environmental impact.

We promise.

Fill Out a Warranty Request Form

Deuter USA offers a repair service in addition to product replacement for damaged products. As long as it is technically possible (meaning, the pack isn’t at the bottom of the Grand Canyon) and the repairs will not compromise performance of the product, our preference is always to repair your damaged pack. The Deuter Promise policies vary globally. Customers outside of the USA should contact their local dealer.


1.) Fill Out Our Warranty Request Form

If you believe your Deuter product is defective, requires a spare part, or needs repair services, please fill out and submit our warranty request form, located here. PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP – we will often send replacement parts directly to you without requiring a physical pack examination. Save yourself time and money by filling out the Warranty Request Form.

Our warranty office will reply within one week of receiving your Warranty Request Form regarding next steps for repair or replacement. Please ensure that is added to your email contacts, and double and triple check your spam folder if you believe we have not been in touch. Our warranty office will either notify you that replacement parts are on their way or provide further instruction on shipping your product directly to Deuter USA. Please follow all instructions provided in the email from

2.) Clean Your Pack

For sanitary reasons and out of respect for our employees, your Deuter product must be clean and completely empty before you send it in for repair. Clean products help us avoid quarantining Deuter employees in the warehouse with only protein bars and water to survive, as well as ensure a speedy processing time. Dirty products give our repair teams watery eyes, respiratory distress, and sometimes skin rashes – if you’d like to avoid extensive staff breaks for recovery, please note our care instructions.

3.) Ship Your Pack to Deuter

You will be sent a Return Authorization (RA) number to identify your claim. We recommend that you write your RA number on the outside of the box when sending to Deuter USA.

Customers are responsible for getting the product(s) to Deuter USA, Inc. Deuter USA will cover ground shipping from our warranty location back to the customer for all items covered under warranty.

Note: We strongly recommend that all returns sent to Deuter USA, Inc. are carefully packaged, insured, and have a tracking number. Deuter USA, Inc. cannot accept responsibility for shipments that did not arrive or are damaged by the shipper.

4.) Confirmation

A repair or replacement is free of charge if it is subject to an eligible warranty claim. Deuter will confirm they have received your pack by email.

5.) Pack is Repaired and Returned to You

During busy season (March – September) we'll repair your Deuter product within 4-6 weeks of receiving it. Off-season repair times are shorter. For faster turnaround, please consider sending your products back during the fall and winter months.

Once it is repaired, Deuter USA will notify you when your pack returns from the shop and the day it ships out, along with the coinciding tracking information for your product. Soon after, you’ll receive your pack and be able to get back out on the trails!


What happens if you can't repair my pack?

We recommend you use our Warranty Request Form to help us determine the next steps for your pack. Our Deuter warranty team will do their best to repair your favorite piece. If we cannot repair a product that falls under warranty, we will replace the pack. If your chosen pack is unavailable, Deuter will offer to replace your product with a comparable pack. If an unrepairable pack does not fall under warranty, Deuter will ship your pack back free of charge.

What if I live outside the USA?

Canadian Residents Only
If you are located in Canada and you have a warranty claim, please email Unfortunately, we cannot help you from the USA.

If elsewhere, find your closest Deuter distributor here and contact them directly.

Do I need to be the original owner of my Deuter product?

In our effort to conserve our packs and create a seamless experience for our customers (pun intended), we do not require you to be the original owner of a pack to request repairs. We understand a Deuter product may be given as a gift or inherited. Our goal is to repair any Deuter product that needs a little love.

How long does it take to repair a pack?

Repairs take between 4-6 weeks, although during the offseason (fall and winter) repair times can be considerably shorter. If you have an upcoming trip, please be sure to mention any deadlines when filling out our warranty request form. We will be realistic about our ability to complete any repairs before your pack is needed.

Can I repair my pack on my own at a local sewer or purchase a repair set?

Deuter encourages a pack be repaired instead of replaced whenever possible. You are always free to have your pack repaired locally, however, using non-Deuter repair services will void any remaining warranty on your pack. 

There are no repair sets available for Deuter backpacks. To repair a Deuter backpack you need industrial, heavy-duty sewing machines – so please do not try to repair your backpack at home. 

What do I do if I need a spare part?

It’s your lucky day! We have an entire small room full of spare parts. We have so many spare parts that we often lose our Warranty Manager among them for days at a time. Fill out our Warranty Request Form here and we’ll send you all the spare parts you need.

Who are Deuter USA’s repair and sewing experts?

We use both our inhouse team as well as partner with a local mountain gear repair master, located in Boulder, CO for more heavy-duty repairs. Our expert's level of experience means that the shop is constantly filled to the brim with repair work. Due to this high volume of requests, the most expedient way to have your pack repaired to to submit it through our warranty process.

Can you fix hydration systems?

Yes, hydration systems fall under the Deuter Promise. If you believe your hydration system is malfunctioning, please fill out our warranty request form, clean out your system, and wait for further instruction from our repair team.

What things aren’t covered under our warranty policy?

What’s not Covered under the Deuter Promise in the USA:

Change of Mind: The Deuter Promise does not cover requests for a different pack style, color, or size than the original product that was purchased. If you’re unsure of a purchase decision, we recommend visiting one of our many retailers who can show you the pack in person.

Missing packs: The Deuter Promise cannot cover packs that have been lost, stolen, or are MIA. A physical pack must be sent in to qualify for warranty under the Deuter Promise.

Cosmetic blemishes: The Deuter Promise does not cover normal cosmetic aging of your pack or appearance-only weathering. We believe our packs look better with age.

Repairs done by a third party: The Deuter Promise only covers repairs done by Deuter. Please send your pack to us to maintain the integrity of the Deuter Promise. Packs altered or repaired outside of Deuter will no longer be guaranteed by the Deuter Promise.

Misuse of product: The Deuter Promise is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Packs and customers outside the USA: Please see our distributer list for warranty procedures in other countries. Deuter Promise procedures vary outside of the United States. 

“Program” Packs: The Deuter Promise will not cover Program Packs used, demoed, or rented by an outfitter or guide service in the same manner. Please contact for further information and repair requests.

The Nincompoop Clause: The Deuter Promise does not cover packs owned by individuals who are found to be abusing the warranty system. The Deuter Promise exists to reduce waste and increase the already long lifespans of our products. We kindly request that you refrain from being the one selfish nincompoop who ruins a good thing for everyone else. No one likes those people…. really, no one. On a lighter note: we’re all in this together!