Yuba River Adventures With The Kid Comfort II

We live in San Francisco, a city rich in urban adventures for a one-year-old boy and his parents. As much as we love the city, we relish the opportunity to visit friends of ours who have a cozy cabin near Nevada City, California.

The first thing that goes into our car for the drive is our Kid Comfort II. Perhaps my favorite feature of this pack is the fact that both my husband and I can comfortably use the Kid Comfort to carry our son (visit us for helpful Tips and Tricks on all Deuter Kid Carriers).

Nate is getting quite heavy, so we usually agree on a “I'll carry him out and you carry him back” deal. Marriage is full of compromises, but thankfully carrying Nate is not one that we have to argue about!

Most recently we embarked on a New Year's Eve hike, where we decided to cross the river and re-join the trail on the other side. We'd visited the area before so thought that this was a brilliant plan.

It turned out to be a bush-whacking adventure. Nate was wide awake, commentating enthusiastically about his parents choice to go off-route. Eventually we got high enough to see the Yuba River and a few of its tributaries. A marvelous view, but one that clearly told us that we'd better re-trace our tracks if we were to make it back to the cabin for the NYE celebrations.



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I'd had enough of dodging branches and slipping on leaves, so with a swift pack adjustment Nate's dad took over the Kid Comfort II. Soon enough we crossed the river and made our way back to the trailhead.

Our friends were relieved to see us back at the cabin, and we were very grateful that there were a few beers in the fridge as we told them the story of our NYE adventure on the Yuba River.

–Belinda Pohlmann (Family Ambassador).

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