Will This Winter Ever End?

It’s snowing. Again.

I love winter, but I am fairly certain we are at a point where it will take more months to melt us out than it did to snow us in. I made fun of my husband when he insisted on buying a larger (used) snow blower this year. I was sure it would jinx us of all snow for the season. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Here in Jackson, Wyoming, we just had the snowiest February in history. School was delayed numerous days and roads closed. Avalanche areas continue to be controlled as well as possible. People are complaining and waiting for spring – something the calendar argues arrives soon. Some are literally inches away from being completely buried to the point where the windows on their homes have been rendered useless.


Yet, despite being a tad sick of all that snowblowing (my husband) and all that wet gear that is continuously in the dryers (me), even the sand of summer beaches cannot compare to the potential fun of ten-foot-tall piles of the white stuff.

Forts are still being built, filled in (by more snow) and built again. There is an established ski track around our home and into the fields behind it. We keep the kids busy by strapping on snowshoes and sending them on a mission to pack it down after each snowfall. Those who can’t manage walking on their own through snow piles get loaded into the Kid Carrier so they too can experience the snowflakes on their noses.


This year, especially, our annual winter yurt trip was magical. The snow was piled high around Cygnet at Harriman State Park (which provides excellent insulation), the trees were heavily laden with snow and banks were perfect for more fort-building. There is nothing more peaceful than a ski with snow softly falling. The awesomeness even silenced the kids.

I can say with full conviction that I much prefer the snow over a dark, muddy and cold winter. And so we’ll take some more days exploring near home to stay off the roads and celebrate with hot chocolate. We’ll strap on our skis and snowshoes and thank our lucky stars for snow blowers and large loaders to allow some reprieve. We look forward to the next few months when we transition to complaining about how hot we are. 

Before it goes – and it will (right?) –  cheers to snow and winter and making the most of both of them.

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