A Weekend with the Futura Vario 50 + 10

Over the past few years, I've had less time to devote to long, multi-day excursions. Most of my trips into the backcountry have been quick one to two night jaunts. As such, my "big" pack has become my Spectro AC 38 and my packing and gear has trended a "how small can I get it" mentality. This past Memorial Day weekend, however, I found myself flying solo and decided to take the Futura Vario 50 + 10 out for a spin. A friend and I headed north of Ft. Collins to one of my favorite "super secret" spots that's generally devoid of people. Even on Memorial Day weekend, we only saw one other person, a rancher checking on his cattle.

We parked at the trail head shouldered our intentionally over-stuffed packs and hiked in about six miles (I never said this was a *hard core* excursion).

I was immediately struck by a few of this pack's many features. The first was the Aircomfort back system with adjustable shoulder straps (the new Vari Fit System). It was an unseasonably warm day when we hiked in.  I noticed at our first stop that my usually back-soaked-through-with-sweat t-shirt was absent. My back was slightly damp, but not noticeably more than anywhere else on my shirt.

Secondly, the Vari Flex waist belt provided a stable base to a very comfortable support system and it's ability to pivot with my hips while walking made for an amazingly comfortable carry. The hip belt supports the load as you'd expect it to do but you don't feel constrained by it allowing very natural movements.

As with so many Deuter packs, the Futura Vario 50 + 10 comes with an integrated rain cover. The large U-shaped zipper along the front made access to my deeply buried fleece quick and easy once it got colder. And the ample pockets and compartments made it easy to keep my gear organized and quickly accessible.

The Futura Vario 50 + 10 held everything I would need for up to 4-5 days comfortably and could easily be extended by employing some minimalism to my packing, choosing more compact food items or having the ability to "re-fuel" from a cache. It performed just as well on the hike out (even through a stinging hail storm - hooray for integrated rain covers) and made me start to look at the calendar to see when I can get out for my next multi-day (week?) adventure.

Additional features:

Trekking Pole Attachments
Ice Axe Loops
Hood with key clip, valuables pocket and emergency guide
Easy access map pocket
Large bellows pockets
Partitioned bottom compartment


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