Viva Las Vegas! All In On The Kid Comfort II

Everyone is supposed to visit Las Vegas once in a lifetime. So when my mother came over to visit us from Australia, we thought we'd kill two birds with one stone. I'd been to the city of sin before, but not Nate, my one-year-old, or Grandma.

By now, if you’re a faithful reader of this blog, you know how much I love our Kid Comfort II. Once again, it proved its utility and comfort. This pack beats using a stroller to explore the Vegas strip during. Las Vegas was designed for “big kids,” (I’m looking at you, Mr. Bachelor party dude), and we were grateful to not have a stroller the hundred or so times we got on and off escalators, crossed roads, or took taking inter-hotel trains. Trust me. It was great to have both hands free.

After a full day on the strip, we decided to get some fresh air. We packed the Kid Comfort II into the car and drove 20 miles west of Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon. Red Rock is a delightful contrast to the lights, smells and sounds of Las Vegas.

The trails were quiet, and we were amazed to see snow on the ground. I was happy to come back to a hotel room at the end of the day. Although I must admit I felt a little wistful while driving past the BLM campground.



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Both Nate and his Grandma had a great once-in-a-lifetime visit to Las Vegas. I'd definitely go back for some more time at Red Rock Canyon, but can safely say that I'd give the strip a miss next time around.

One thing I would not go to Las Vegas without is our Kid Comfort II.

—Belinda Pohlmann (Family Ambassador)

You can't beat the odds, your child will love the Kid Comfort II.

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