A real vacation in a pack

It was our first real vacation since our 2-year old was born that didn’t involve a trip to see family.IMG_0356_2


We rented a cabin outside Buena Vista, CO that had its own hot springs pool where you could adjust the temperature for kids during the daytime and then let it heat up during dinner so it was plenty hot after kids went to bed.  I think we spent 75% of our waking hours during the vacation in that hot pool, the kids loved it!  The remaining time we ventured on short 1 to 2-mile hikes not sure if our 4-year old would be up for the challenge of something longer.

On the hikes, our 2-year old enjoyed the ride in the Deuter Kid Comfort II pack we got a few years back, which doubled as our diaper bag with its plentiful pockets.  We’re able to carry Riley comfortably, carry her things, and some of ours and all stay happy. So happy in fact, that when we get to the lunch spot, she was content to simply stay in the Kid Comfort 2 while she snacked on her string cheese and drank from her sippy cup.


We were pleasantly surprised at our 4-year olds fortitude and attribute part of it to the beautiful scenery at every bend in the trails we picked, the abundant wildlife and the snacks we carried in our new Deuter Provoke 16 pack.  It’s such a sleek, lightweight pack that was perfect for these short jaunts to hold light jackets, a water bladder with easy to access hose and let me be clear, a lot of snacks.  Last winter we used this pack exclusively for skiing, both at the areas (because it’s so sleek, form fitting and comfortable) and in the backcountry (because it’s versatile for gear, light weight and plenty of small pockets), and only thought to grab it for this vacation last minute.  Now, I think it’s safe to say it will be our main go-to pack for most outings.

Ambassador: Eric Odell and Meegan Flenniken, Family Ambassadors



 Prep for your next hike with the kids with the Kid Comfort II and Provoke 16!

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