Travel Easy with the Aircontact 75+10

For extended, overseas travel involving multiple airports and types of transportation, the often-obvious choice for luggage is a bag with wheels and an extendable handle. But when you intend to fill your vacation days with historically, culturally significant sites as well as sightseeing natural wonders by way of raft, via ferrata and goat trail, a roller bag begins to lose its practicality. The solution? The versatile, thoughtfully designed Aircontact 75+10.


Here’s why:

  • There’s room to pack a range of clothing and gear for anything from upscale dinners in the city to hiking along misty, rugged coastlines.
  • The Aircontact back system offers significantly increased airflow. Combined with a comfort-built shoulder harness, the pack is comfortable not only backpacking, but when standing in long lines at baggage check, while taking standing-room-only public transportation or walking across town to your next accommodations.
  • The integrated rain cover means you’ll always have something dry to change into no matter the conditions.


The Aircontact also makes extended travel easy by keeping your clothing and gear compartmentalized. One of the biggest challenges when using top-loading packs is keeping clothing presentably wrinkle-free and organized when what you want always seems to get buried on the bottom. The Aircontact’s U-shaped, zippered front panel and separate bottom compartment eliminate that issue.

Here’s how to pack the Aircontact to keep your minimalist wardrobe in tiptop shape.

  • Pack gear that tends to start dirty, like shoes, harnesses and chalk bags in the separate bottom compartment.
  • As clothing gets dirty, put it in the bottom compartment with shoes/gear, keeping clean socks, shirts and pants fresh in the main compartment.
  • Fold your shirts, pants, and “wrinkle-ables” nicely, stacking heavier weight clothes like pants on the bottom and more wrinkle-susceptible clothing on top.
  • Using the U-shaped front panel to access the main compartment, neatly lay your stack of pants, shirts and jackets in; nestle socks, underwear, swimsuit and gear around your folded clothes to keep them flat and in place.
  • Stow toiletries at the top of the main compartment or in the lid for easy access.
  • When you need to access that bottom most pair of pants, use the U-shaped front panel.

Using the above tips, you’ll be able to stretch the wear-ability of your wardrobe the entire length of your trip. When your itch to hit the trail strikes, you can leave behind your city-wear at a home-base hotel and pack your Aircontact for a night under the stars.

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