The Good Old Days

Were the good old days really that good?

Sure, our childhood years were more carefree, holidays were sunnier, and you got a lot more bang for your buck. Or am I looking at the past through rose-tinted glasses? It’s what we call nostalgia or glorifying the past. It comes from the Ancient Greek word for homecoming or return (nostos), and the word for pain, grief, or distress (-algia). Those who are nostalgic for the past are emotionally gripped by that time, with a vivid, sometimes intense longing for it.

We’ve all experienced plenty of nostalgia recently. For more carefree times. For freedom. For normality. For anything that lets us escape the constant presence of the pandemic. And so, at deuter we gave in to that nostalgia and immersed ourselves in recollections of bygone decades. The years where societal trends and, as a mountaineering brand in particular, alpine developments and achievements shaped who we are. These events were embodied in the products we made, and today, they form the basis for our new, sustainably made Heritage series. We’ve revived three of our most influential designs from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, making the experience as authentic as possible, by using the shapes, colors and materials of those eras but with a modern twist.

While we look back we also want to look forward for future generations. That’s why the packs in the Hertiage series are all bluesign Products that use 100% recycled body fabrics. The Lake Placid uses recycled pre-consumer waste while the Innsbruck and Wengen use recycled PET material. If you didn’t know, PET is plastic bottles and each Wengen is made with 21 recycled plastic bottles. To be a bluesign Product not only do sustainable materials need to be used to make the product but the processes that go into making the product also need to be responsible and environmentally friendly.

Want to travel back in time?

FB_INST_1080x1080_PromoAds_HERITAGE16Let’s head back in history and indulge ourselves for a moment in the last three decades of the 20th century. What is it that we love about the ‘70s? Disco music, car-free Sundays, and the dirtbag Yosemite scene. Oh, and also the start of recycling as we know it today. It was the decade after the Vietnam War, and student protests and the hippie movement generated a whole new vibe. The tough post-war years were finally over, and young people were able to put their energies into physical activities. Climbing was a game for them, an outlook on life, that gradually turned into a performance-based sport. It was seen as a remedy and an antidote to the ills of a capitalist society. And in the midst of all of this, a deuter classic was created – the deuter Kreuzeck – with the shape, materials and color scheme that embodied the zeitgeist of the era. It’s this iconic backpack that we’ve chosen to represent the decade of the 1970s – newly interpretated and with a new name. The deuter Innsbruck combines synthetic leather, metal buckles, beautiful timely colors, and the highest quality materials. Inside, it’s laid out with the needs of trend-savvy city dwellers in mind, who want a backpack with good sustainability credentials and clever compartment design to keep them organized. >>>  INNSBRUCK

FB_INST_1080x1080_Karusell_HERITAGE11The decade of the 1980s also had its own particular charm: The cool new Walkman, Rubik’s cube, the first computer games, and Jane Fonda in skintight aerobics outfits. Reinhold Messner made the impossible possible by climbing Mount Everest without bottled oxygen. It marked the start of a real boom in all things mountains, and the dawn of mass tourism in the Alps. Mountaineers were gripped by a renewed desire for adventure on rock and ice. New high-profile milestones were reached, the most difficult walls were climbed, and new horizons opened up with the first winter ascent of an eight-thousand-meter peak. During this time, the deuter Silvretta was our most popular mountaineering backpack and that’s what we’ve based our new Heritage series ‘80s-inspired deuter Wengen backpack on. Combining lightweight, durable materials, widely used metal ladder buckles of the era and ‘80s colors, it’s the perfect pack for trend-savvy city dwellers who want a backpack with good sustainability credentials and plenty of space for their study or everyday items. With clever compartments and a separate bottom compartment for sports/ swimming gear or shoes, there’s space for everything you need for a day’s work or play. We’ve kept the ‘80s crossover straps on the front for the quick stashing of items on the outside of the pack. A removable sit mat offers a convenient seat wherever you are – whether it’s a picnic, a festival or outdoor movie. >>> WENGEN

FB_INST_1080x1080_PromoAds_HERITAGE6The hardcore techno beats of the ‘90s are etched into our collective psyche. Equally unforgettable: the historic events leading up to the fall of the Berlin Wall and with it, new beginnings. Platform sneakers, fanny packs and neon colors were all the rage. The first mobile phones took us one step closer to full digitalization; the first indoor climbing gyms a step closer to the mountains. Climbing and bouldering became popular, competitive sports, and so general uptake also increased. The first boom in the outdoor market took place, and with it came new disciplines and more first ascents. Our deuter ‘Gesäuse’ was a popular model back then. Its colors and shape represented the lust for life of the ‘90s. We’ve revived this model in the form of the new deuter Lake Placid. It’s for trend-savvy city dwellers who want a backpack with good sustainability credentials, that’s well organized and also customizable. Made in nylon, in authentic ‘90s colors and with large plastic buckles, it radiates the 1990s style. Two zippered side pockets can be detached and used inside the pack for improved internal organization. The straps (also detachable) are perfect for securing a yoga mat or other items to the outside of the pack. And a padded laptop compartment is directly accessed via a zippered opening on the side.   >>> LAKE PLACID

The Heritage series represents three key decades in deuter’s 123-year-long history. We’re doing everything can to make sure the story continues. That's why all of our Heritage series products are sustainably designed and made from bluesign® certified recycled materials. Because sustainability and the considered use of resources are important to us. We want to preserve the places we love for future generations to enjoy – so that they can cultivate their own nostalgic memories of the good old days.

Find out more about the products in the Heritage series here.

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