Welcome to the Team, Lindsay Fixmer!

Lindsay_Intro1We are happy to welcome Lindsay Fixmer, ice, rock, alpine climber and guide to the Ambassador Team.

What is your core sport(s)?
Rock, ice & alpine climbing & mountaineering

What is your most epic outdoor adventure to date?
2004. It was my first alpine rock climb. I was predominantly a short approach sport and trad climber knowing little about alpine starts or long hikes. My climbing buddy and I decided to climb an ultra classic, amazingly striking granite peak tucked away in the Sawtooth Range in the High Sierra. We were going to swap leads on Red Dihedral, a beautiful 1500ft pristine gem jetting its way up the face on The Incredible Hulk. Upon reading the initial 6 mile hike could be shortened with a little bit of cycling, we planned to ride bikes in, camp at the base, climb and hike out the next day. Only I don’t own a mountain bike so one mile in on a friend of a friend’s bike, both my tires blew out, and I proceeded to walk the bike back out. Hike, round two on foot, an interesting, and long experience. I caught a glimpse of this incredibly (no pun intended) massive peak and all I could utter was ‘whoa.’

From afar, it was a sight to be had. Two hours later it still looked the same size, and my friend and I wondered aloud how we were not any closer. The last hour in to our basecamp was in headlamps, scrambling over rocks and shale.

But the pay-off was incredible. I awoke at first light to see a mammoth rock looming over me. All I could think was, “wow, I’m going up this. I’m so psyched!!” Scurrying to pack my bags, a distinct ‘thwip’ sounded behind me. Slowly, the realization I had just split my pants sunk in as I reached around behind me. Yep, straight down the back of the seam. Slightly embarrassed I thought, well at least I’m wearing black underwear.

The climb was everything I could have hoped for on solid Sierra granite, the top welcoming with the last bit of sun before an approaching afternoon thunderstorm. It was the first of many long hikes to beautiful peaks I would take, and I always look forward to more adventures like these. The only caveat… without bikes and sturdier pants!Lindsay_Intro2

What is your "go-to" Deuter product?

Ever since the Guide Lite 32 came out, this has been my go-to pack.. It handles everything I need for a day out, is durable, lightweight, carries wonderfully on a peak, up a rock face or ice flow, and still looks brand spankin’ new despite the fact I’ve used it 70 days in its young, three month life.

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