Take a Hike: Urban Adventures With Kids

Prior to having kids I enjoyed going on long day hikes and overnight backpacking adventures. With babies it's a lot harder to enjoy such activities, but now that my boys are a bit older, two and four years old, they are able to do some shorter hikes.


image My two boys at Kubota Gardens in Seattle, Washington.

This past Christmas, Santa brought the family a book on over 100 hikes in and around Seattle. This year our goals is to do all the hikes, many of them are urban adventures which are great for kids. So far we have done two hikes with the kiddos and they have loved them.


Mr. Independent with his Deuter Junior pack at Kubota Garden.

My 4 year old is Mr. Independent so he wants to carry his own pack just like mom. He loves his raspberry checkered Deuter Junior pack. Mom carries the black Speed Lite 20 which is great for carrying snacks, diapers, hats, a first aid kit etc. (and it's lightweight).


Enjoying an urban hike at Kubota Garden in Seattle, WA.

I'm just happy to instill the love of the outdoors in my kids, like my parents did for me.


They won't stop until they've explored all 20 acres.

Karen Hanson West is a proud mother of two boys and the new owner of another great Deuter pack. If you'd like to share your story, submit it here.

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