Tahoe Mountain Sports - exclusive review of the ACT Trail 24

We are very excited to announce that Tahoe Mountain Sports is 1 of only 2 retailers in the entire country to be carrying the brand new Deuter ACT Trail 24 Backpack and it is in stock and ready for shipping. For those of you that don't know, Tahoe Mountain Sports carries the entire line of Deuter backpacks and Deuter bike products including what we think is the best hydration reservoir out there, the Deuter Streamer. More on Deuter later, this is a blog post about a brand new, super cool day hiking backpack!

Deuter's ACT 24 - at Tahoe Mtn Sports!

Tahoe Mountain Sports is one of Deuter's premier retailers with a core staff of users and enthusiasts. They can fit you in a Deuter pack, set you up with anything you need to be outside and are happy to give any beta about the local haunts. Great folks, great gear and great products. It's what retail should be!

So, as far as where this pack excels? Well, day hikes are a no-brainer. From there, travel, cragging, beach trips and filling it with your favorite cans for a summer afternoon after a cruiser ride to the store. Suggested: Some Mamma's straight from our friend Dale and Oskar Blues right near the Deuter HQ in Longmont, CO.

No matter what you fill it with, the ACT Trail 24 will carry like a dream. The low-profile and ventilation are keys to comfort with this little gem. Want one?

Tahoe Mountain Sports has got your back.

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