9 Cures for a Gnarly Case of Summit Stomach

You’ve just reached the summit, completed a big ride or skied a massive untracked line. What specific food are you pulling out of your Deuter pack to chow down on?

We asked our crack team of Deuter Ambassadors. He's what they had to say:  

John Soltys – "Favorites for us: Pringles, Oberto Bacon Jerky, M&Ms, hot cocoa, JiffyPop, and TurboPup bars. Best though, are blueberries when they're in season."

Aimee Eaton – "Almost always a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We're also big on clementines during winter ski ascents, and fruit snacks when we're out hiking with the kids (they make good bribes)."

Jeremy Benson – "Fig Newtons."

Brittany Greer – "Sugar! Homemade Skratch cookies or CLIF Nut Butter filled bars! Sometimes PBJ if I've gone through the effort of making it in advance...though unlikely."

Kathy Karlo – "At the top of any summit, I try and pack something light—sammich with wasabi mayonnaise (my new Trader Joe's favorite!)"

Elisa Rispoli – "When we go on our family hikes, we always bring some type of delicious baked good. It’s become a tradition and something we (the kids) really look forward to once we get to the summit! We usually hit a bakery or cafe pre hike in whatever town we are in, and pick out a huge chocolate chip cookie or a cupcake. It’s a sweet reward for making it to the peak as a family!"

Amelia Mayer – "Lately, I'm loving a Kate's Real Food Tram bar."

Pip Hunt – "Epic bars (preferably the Chicken siracha flavor!), Justin's Maple almond butter and an apple. There's usually some Nuun in my water bottle, too."

Zak Farmer – "I’m grabbing either a CLIF Nut Butter Bar or a Lemon Cashew Rise Bar."

What's your go to for summit stomach? Let us know in the comments. 


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