Six Types of Entries in a Summit Register

Phew! It was a long hike to get to the summit, but now you're here. Take a minute to enjoy the view. Snap a picture for Instagram. Have a snack. Oh, hey, there's a summit register. What should you write? It depends on your style.

The Purist

Pfft. I'm not writing in the register. I climb to see the world, not so the world can see me. Plus, this book is ruining my wilderness experience.

The Minimalist

Just name and date. I want to show I was here. What else could anyone want to know?

The Meteorologist

The weather was great. A balmy 65 degrees with a 5 MPH wind out of the east. Clouds building on the horizon. Looks like rain by dark.


The Storyteller

We started before dark. The first two miles were flat and we found the turnoff just after leaving the meadows. The path initially winds through the forest with only minimal gain, but then heads straight up. The slope stays steep, gaining 3,000 feet in just one mile. We stayed to climber's right of the summit block and gained the ridge. The scramble is class three, but the rock is good. Although, I'm not sure I'd want to do it in the rain or snow.

The Social Media Maven

#Epic! Totally crushed it thanks to the trails maintained by @u.s.forestservice and my @deuter pack. Feeling #blessed!

The Exhausted


Next time you're on the way up the mountain think about what you'll write in the register. It's always better to be prepared so when the wind is blowing snow sideways and you're gasping for air at 14,000 feet you won't have to think too hard about how to make your mark.

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