Rubber to Earth: Wind River Country Team’s Race Prep 

The third annual Cowboy Tough Expedition Race in Wyoming is fast approaching, and the Wind River Country Team is speeding along trails and roads at least as quickly.

The three-and-a-half-day race, put on by Rev3, attracts athletes of all calibers. Teams range from elite adventure racers—like the Swedish Armed Forces Adventure Team and Nordic Adventure Racing—to crews new to expedition-length races (all teams are required to have experience on a shorter adventure race or applicable education, like a National Outdoor Leadership School course).

The long weekend consists of navigating through many miles biking, paddling, trekking, climbing/rappelling, and assorted team challenges—all on the clock. Each year, Rev3 and Wyoming host the race in a different corner of the Cowboy State. This year, racers will explore the Bighorn Mountains of northern Wyoming.

Two members of the Wind River Country Team competed in the race in 2014 and bring experience and insight to the already seasoned group of competitors.


Karla Wagner rode her own bike last year, this year her husband joins her on the tandem.



Shad Hamilton captures the team’s photos and videos and, last year pulled his teammates up more than a couple hills.



Brad Young Brad Young joined the team for a shorter adventure race last year and rallied for the expedition-length adventure race in 2015.


Deuter is another returning member of the team, as the Wind River Country Team is using new Race EXP Air packs this season after Deuter packs proved ideal for last year’s team. Whether training or racing, the packs are well suited to hours on the bike on top of hours of what team member Shad Hamilton calls “trotting” on foot.

Their season leading up to (and following) the three-and-a-half-day adventure race in the Big Horn Mountains has been exhaustive, consisting of gravel grinders, trail runs, triathlons, and mountain bike races.

Good thing Deuter has their back.



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