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In June during Ali’s school break, we packed up the van to visit the grandparents in Colorado and do some camping, fishing and climbing. We were lucky to get stormy cool weather (we live in Bishop where summer means sunny and hot), great fishing, and fun cragging.


Ali had a great time tearing up and down the Koper’s Trail in Rifle, exploring the Ice Caves, and heading to the cliffs with her “big girl” pack (a Kikki). It allowed her to chose, pack and carry her crag essentials and feel like a member of the tribe with her own “climbing” pack. Mom and dad took advantage of all the nooks and crannies (side and top compartments, and bottom zippers for easy access to buried items) in the ACT Trail 28 SL and 32 to keep things organized at the base of the cliffs; and the Deuter Rope Bag with its oversized tarp and simple backpack features was a hit, keeping the Rifle dust off everything.


Rest days were spent driving up to the Frying Pan and fly-fishing for beautiful trout. Julie loves the Speed Lite 15 for fishing because it’s very narrow (allowing casting freedom), is a great hydration pack, and can carry fly boxes, rain layer and snacks. Ali loved seeing the trout, a red fox cruising along the road with dinner for its kits, and also the library in Basalt (amazing for kids!). Her highlights were rope swinging out of the Arsenal, going on the hike to Rifle Falls, and feeding the fish at the hatchery. She also highly recommends the Rifle kids park just north of town on the right as you head towards Rifle Gap (big slides!).ali climb


The camping was perfect, with cool nights, good company and lots of butterflies. Ali’s 3 ½ and still fits her Deuter Little Star sleeping bag perfectly. Grandma and Grandpa did a great job taking Ali fishing on a lake for bass, sampling all the parks the Fort Collins area has to offer, and spotting her swinging on the hammock. A note to any parents driving from Utah to California along Highway 50, plan to stop in Delta, Utah. They’ve got two parks right on main street in town: one has the tallest slide ever (but no shade), the other is a grassy, shady area with water features and a couple mini-parks. The only bummer was the triple digit heat waiting for us when we got home!


Clever features make packing with the family easy and, remarkably, organized

About Deuter Ambassadors the Rainville Family: We’re the Rainvilles, outdoorsy people just like you who enjoy taking our three-year-old daughter out into the wild world. Ali, 3 1/2, loves to ski, fish, climb and ride her bike. Since her first birthday, she has progressed from eager passenger in the KC I and KC III packs, through the Kanga Kid transition, and now the Kiki is her favorite pack. Julie is an avid skier, sport climber and fly-fisherwoman. She’s a long-time mountain biker who is in the process of rediscovering the Eastern Sierra with the new ultra-fat tires. Keith climbs year-round (from trad to sport to bouldering), backcountry snowboards, and rides a road bike. We’ve lived in Bishop, Ca. for about 10 years, and Telluride, Co. for 8 years before that. When Ali arrived, we bought a Kid Comfort I, and loved it. We’re active outdoor people who enjoy sharing our knowledge and passion for our favorite activities with other people. Having the right equipment, especially when you have the added challenge of bringing a child and all her gear along, really makes a difference; we’ve enjoyed encouraging parents to get out with their children and share any good tips we develop[ through trial and error. On the occasion that we leave Ali at home, Julie and Keith still enjoy pushing their limits, and Deuter packs help us do that with their functional and lightweight designs while out and about in the mountains.


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