Ride Like the Wind with Your Deuter Backpack



 We experienced low temperatures this winter in Idaho that kept many inside sitting by the fire including us for a few weeks. Amazingly though in between the chilly temperatures there were a few days we were able to ride every month. Now, happily, as we all start recovering from our cabin fever trails are opening up daily as the snow melts across Idaho and the country.

March was a crazy month; temperatures were warm and the skies blue.  The spring thaw arrived with only a few days of cold mixed with some flurries.  It is looking to be a great riding summer. Fun is in the works, trips are being planned, and riding will be enjoyed.

We look forward to many things in Idaho during the summer. There are the races, mountain biking festivals and events all across the state.  It is hard to pick and choose which to take part in.  Sun Valley has a week of mountain biking fun with enduro races and cross-country events.  There are races at Soldier Mountain Ski Resort and Brundage Resort in McCall has a music and biking festival. It still amazes us how much the people of Idaho support local non-profits that promote mountain biking, and protect and build trails.  There are so many mountain biking fun events to pick from we often wish we could be in two places at one time.


 We are thinking about riding in a few of the events and maybe even trying our hand at a race or two.  Unlike many of our rides, which are about enjoying the scenery and stopping to smell the roses, races are about going as fast as you can.  For Derek and I this is not a race against others as much as it is a race against ourselves, overcoming our fears, and going the distance.  For racing we will be switching from our Compact Air EXP 8 SL and our Compact Air EXP 10 to the smaller Hydro Lite 3.0.  The smaller bag has less weight to it, yet will carry the essential tools and fuel necessary to ensure we make it across the finish line.

The smaller bag is not only great for racing but also works well for the shorter rides we do in the Boise foothills during the summer.  Winter and spring riding requires us to be more prepared for crazy weather with items necessary for safety, warmth, and keeping dry, however during summer the main thing we need is water and fuel.

Spring still has some rain and chilly weather in store for us, but summer is close enough that we can feel it in the air.  No matter what time of year we ride or conditions we face during the ride we always have a well-equipped Deuter bag with us.

–Kerry and Derek Dunn (Outdoor Ambassadors).

Get ready to ride with the Compact EXP and Hydro Lite packs:

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