Race X Air a Single Speed and 3000 feet of climbing

This past weekend we did a quick family get-away to Breckenridge for the weekend, no particular reason, just wanted to escape the front range before kids started school and fall was upon us.  Being the type who always tries to extract the most outdoor fun from any given situation, I immediately started scheming...what to ride while we were there.

IMG_0687A couple of messages sent to friends on Facebook, a few responses back and my plan was coming together.  With limited time, I decided to ride the prologue stage of the Breck Epic. Nine miles each way with 3000 feet of climbing sounded about right for a 2+ hour ride.

When it came to gear, I made two decisions for the day - one was good and the other, well...  I decided that a single speed would be the bike of choice (with 3000 feet of climbing, this was the questionable decision) and that the pack de jour would be my Race X Air (the good decision).


RaceXAir_09backlgThe Race X Air is the smallest of our Race Series.  It was designed for optimal ventilation and just enough room for the essentials.  Its 850 cubic inch capacity(18.5 x 8.5 x 6 inches) allowed me to carry 2 Lara Bars, a package of Justin's Nut Butter, one spare tube, a pump, a multi-tool, a rain jacket, a long sleeve shirt, a map, and a GPS.  Perfect for a summer ride in the mountains.  The 2 litre Streamer Reservoir (included) held plenty of water for the ride and the Aircomfort Back System kept me cool even while huffing and puffing at 12,000+ feet.   Between the mesh straps and the minimalist hip belt, the Race X Air carries like it's not even there even when fully loaded.

The ride was even better than I expected.  On a seemingly endless ribbon of singletrack, I found myself constantly wondering "Why do I not come up here to ride more often?".

If you're in the area, check out any of the trails from the Breck Epic, and if you like mountain bike rides that stray into the 2 hour + area, check out the Race X Air (links to our dealers below).

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