Packing for Thailand with the Deuter Guide 35+

EricO_PackThai_3-1It has been some time in the making... like a loooong time in the making! I have finally purchased my ticket for a destination I have been wanting to visit for 7 years. It's time to visit the country of steep limestone climbing on the beach, warm temps, and endless supplies of pad thai. It's time for a visit the "land of smiles," it's time to visit Thailand!! Not only am I PSYCHED! to visit Ton Sai, I can't wait to see the historical side that this country has.

My flight goes from LAX to Seattle to Singapore and into the Phuket airport on the Island of Phuket. Not ideally the place to land (Oops), but I'm sure it will be insane. I've already been told a ton after researching with my friends for places to not go. This island looks overall cool, but not anywhere near where I want to end up. I found a ferry that island hops, so that may the first part of the journey.

Planning an international trip can be confusing and a lot of research...and since I don't ever travel internationally, it's a lot to take it. I have been running through my friend list on Facebook asking for some beta and have more than enough info to totally mix up the sequence.

Not only the travel plans but the packing can be a challenge too. I figured that since I was planning this out, maybe someone was also planning something similar and could use some helpful travel tips and info. Here are some of my tips:

Back Pack:  
This is the home base for the next 6 weeks. I'm going to want something that is comfortable, light and can hold everything I pick up along the way. I'm going with my Deuter Guide 35+ pack. It's a tube pack, so easy to fit everything inside, and no small zippers for pick pockets. I'm also going to bring a smaller 20-30 liter Deuter Speedlight for everyday use, multi-pitch climbs, while the larger pack stays in the room, locked in a locker. (Bring your own pad locks).

You want to be uber-light weight, because your home is on your back. For me, since I'm climbing, I'm going to pack 14 quickdraws, a rope, harness, belay device and a TON of chalk. This is going to take up most of the room and I just need to figure out if a 60m rope will work for most routes. This area is know by climbers throughout the world, so that means one thing... GREASY ROCK!!

I'm supposed to get malaria pills, which by the sounds of it, make you crazy. People say they for sure screw with your system, so going to hold off of on those for a little bit. Antibiotics scrip if you can get one, just to be on the safe side. I hear the hospitals up North are great as well.

Clothes are going to be minimal. A pair of pants (you are supposed to wear pants while in public areas, Thai Culture). I hear you can just live in shorts at the beach, as it's hot and humid all of the time. Shoes must come off before walking into Temples, and I would like to see many of them.

Misc supplies:
Headlamp or torch and extra batteries. Wall power adapter/converter : 220 volts in Thailand.

Sleeping sheet, but I hear a mosquito net is all you need. They supposedly have mosquito repellent made from citronella and menthol. If it works, it works.

Sunscreen and chalk are expensive so bring your own.

Prices start high with everyone, ie. taxi, bus, clothes, food possibly... but you can talk them down... is what I hear.

I have been doing research online about the country (culture, history) on trip advisor, lonely planet, you tube,, trying to learn some of the basic language to get around and not get ripped off. I have been told to learn numbers.

EricO_PackThai_5I'm just finishing up the rest of my work for my guide service Windgate Adventures which will be closing for the Winter, opening in March 2013. It has been another amazing year of meeting some of the great people who visit Moab from all over the world throughout the year. Maybe I will see familiar faces on the other side of the planet.

Let the plane ride soon begin. OH! That's another thing...earplugs and dramamine.

Until I think of more good beta...Safe Travels!

Dream it, plan it, Travel!

–Eric Odenthal (Outdoor Ambassador).

Dream it, plan it, Travel!

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