Off-Piste with Deuter

CoreyKing_OffPsite_2During our Christmas break we left our little Ky with his cousins and snuck away for a backcountry adventure with some friends. We stocked up our Speedlite 30 and Freerider Pro 30  and headed out to track up the 2 feet of fresh Christmas powder.

A little history about our skiing abilities, my dad started me when I was merely 18 months old and I have been hard at it ever since. I was just introduced to the backcountry scene last season. Jentri, on the other hand, is just a beginner. This backcountry adventure was only her fourth time ever skiing!





Most people would call me stupid for bringing a novice into the backcountry, especially when the backcountry has around two feet of fresh, fluffy powder. Looking back at things I would have to agree with these people, it wasn’t the brightest thing I have done. Nothing like taking your wife to the deep end of the pool, kicking her in, and expecting her to swim when all she has ever done was wade around. Oddly enough, her experience was pretty positive.


 Being the responsible husband, I toted the hefty Freerider Pro while Jentri packed the ultra lite Speedlite 30. I am quite impressed with both of these packs and would advise them for separate purposes.

The Freerider Pro has A LOT of pockets and zippers very well placed and can suit all of your backcountry needs. It is quite heavy, but very bomber! There is a designated place for your avalanche gear and goggles, as well as your snacks. The back panel zips open so you can access your gear easily while your skis are attached, and the foam support comes out for a seat. If you like options this pack is the one for you.


The Speedlite 30 is becoming one of my favorite anytime pack. It is super lite and compresses down tightly. Lately I have kept it in our car packed with all of our winter clothing just incase we slide off of the road and get stuck. As our friend Craig says, “that pack is just sexy.” The Speedlite 30 is a sleek, lightweight, all around pack. What it doesn’t have in bells and whistles it more than makes up for in weight, or lack of. The Speedlite is what I call a “dump” pack, meaning it is just one, large dump pocket. This 30L pack can hold a lot of gear!

CoreyKing_OffPsite_1The conditions we were skiing in are what all skiers dream of! Though it was a new experience for her, Jentri had a good time in the backcountry and I believe I have sold her on doing it more often, though I did have to make her a deal. I have to get her better at her turns before we return.

As snow continues to fall from the sky and temperatures are dropping we are counting down the days until we can hit the slopes again. The Speedlite 30 and Freerider Pro with obviously be accompanying us.

A small part of me can’t wait to pack that Speedlite with climbing gear! It is such an awesome all around pack.

–Corey & Jentri King (Family Ambassadors). To read more from the King's check out their blog, Backcountry Parenting.

Ready to get out on the slopes!

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