Noso Patchdazzle – Keeping Backpacks on the Trail Where They Belong

Patchdazzle. It sounds like a great trail name for someone doing their third FKT attempt on the Appalachian Trail, right?

Actually, it’s an awesome concept being perfected by #girlboss Kelli Jones and her team at Noso, an innovative repair patch company out of Jackson Hole that’s trying to keep our precious gear out of the landfill.

How’s Deuter involved? Well, it all started when Becky Marcelliano, Deuter USA marketing manager, got chatting with Kelli at Outdoor Retailer last year. Jones was there gauging interest in a custom logo patch program and Becky was on board from the start.

Two brands jazzed about doing right by the environment, making a top quality product built to last? Hell yes. That’s us. 

So we’ve been working with Noso for the last year to make a killer custom Deuter patch, dialing in the right fabric, the right color, the right look…and the final product sings what we’re all about here – creativity, mountains and adventure.

“We always try to create promo items that have purpose,” says Becky. “So much swag ends up in the landfill and we hate that. Noso Patches help keep our packs on the trail where they belong. It’s brilliant.”

IMG_2952-300x225 IMG_2954-300x225 
Want your own Deuter patchdazzle? Email by June 13, 2018, and we'll send you one.  

Original Noso Patches are available at and specialty retailers across North America.

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