My Girlfriend Stole My Backpack

In my garage exists what my girlfriend and I call the “Choose Your Weapon Wall.” It’s a full wall of outdoor gear, laid out in visual perfection, where all of our gear is displayed and at-the-ready. Skis, climbing ropes and helmets all adorn the wall, beckoning to be tossed into the back of my truck for our next adventure. Our colorful Deuter packs are the centerpiece. And while my girlfriend owns several of her own, as an ambassador I am fortunate to have access to the latest in Deuter technology, innovation, and – yes – styling.

I bet you see where I am going with this… My girlfriend steals my backpacks!

Well, not all of them. It’s the new Speed Lite series that seems to always disappear.

Couple kissing in the mountains

Scenario 1:

Pictures show up of her on social media wearing my Speed Lite. Usually this happens when I am traveling for work.

My move: Fair enough, and good to see her enjoying it!

Scenario 2:

I am heading out solo but when I go to pull my pack from the garage it’s not there. I eventually find it in her car, and it is full of her things.

My move: Happy to have the pack. Commence searching for my headlamp, water bottle, compass, etc…

Wearing a Deuter backpack in the snow

Scenario 3:

We’re going adventuring together and while I am still eating breakfast she turns up with the backpack already packed with her things and she’s ready to go.

My move: Now this is getting tricky… I am not a morning person….

Scenario 4:

We’re going on a road trip. Things could get heated.

My move: Buy a second Speed Lite pack for her!

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