Meet Our Newest Outdoor Ambassador Becky Marcelliano


We welcome the latest addition to the Deuter Ambassador program - Becky Marcelliano! She comes to us with a strong passion for getting after matter what "it" is. From the bike to backpacking, snowboarding to eating cake, we welcome Bex and all her adventurous spirit to the team and look forward to passing her adventures on to you.


Here's just a taste of what Becky brings to the team.

What is your core sport(s)?
Biking (mountain, road, touring, cruisers) and Snowboarding

What other sports do you participate in or sort of fun do you enjoy?
Running, yoga, unicycling, puddle jumping, snowshoeing, sleeping outside, making things, brainstorming, exploring of all sorts

What is your most epic outdoor adventure to date?
I recently finished riding my bicycle across America with my friend Carlie. We pulled trailers with all our stuff (and cursed at them often), ate ice cream for breakfast, met some of the kindest and most generous people I’ve ever known, cried more times than I care to admit, experienced the worse sunburns of our lives, rocked out to trashy, poppy radio through Kansas (don’t judge), got chased by wild dogs, laughed ‘til our stomachs severely ached, dodged small pterodactyl-sized insects in Missouri, and splashed our way into the Atlantic in a state of complete pride, amazement, and perma-grins after about 3,800 miles and 54 days of pedaling. When we finished, I swore I would NEVER do it again…and now, I miss it like crazy. It was indeed….epic.






What is your "go-to" Deuter product?
I love the Guide 40+ SL. Great for snowboarding, mini backpack trips, spontaneous adventures, or airplane travel!

To discover more about Becky

Check out Deuter’s ambassador page.

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