Meet Our Newest Family Ambassadors Julie & Keith Rainville

Hello, we’re Julie and Keith. We met in Telluride Colorado where we both lived for several years. We moved to Bishop about 8 years ago and added little Ali in December of 2010. Julie grew up in the Front Range of Colorado, fishing and skiing with her family. Keith was raised in Chicago but got to spend summers in Ouray Colorado. In Telluride, we skied/snowboarded on the great mountain there, spent a lot of time commuting to Indian Creek, Rifle, and Joe’s Valley to climb, and enjoyed the awesome fly fishing on the San Miguel, Gunnison, and San Juan rivers.

After several years in T-Ride we were ready for new adventures, so we headed out to Bishop to boulder and experience the Sierra. Here the bouldering is great, the drive to go surf is much shorter, the backcountry skiing is epic (shush, don’t tell anyone) and the multi-pitch climbing options are unlimited. Friends of ours introduced us to Deuter packs a few years ago, and we’ve never looked back. We’re lucky enough that Ali really likes being outside and so she goes pretty much everywhere with us.

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Name / Age / Location / Nickname
Julie, Keith and Ali Rainville
36, 39, almost 1
Bishop, CA
Baby Momma, Rainman, Super Baby or Little Bug

How do you take your coffee?
Julie: Spiced Chai lots of foam
Keith: Hot chocolate. Whip cream? Of course!
Ali: Hot things scare me

What is your "go-to" Deuter product?
Julie: My old Zugspitze 20 SL pack. Back in the days when I could go fast and light!
Keith: Kid’s Comfort 1, ‘cause baby likes to go for a walk. All the great things about Deuter packs (light weight, carries well, nothing you don’t need) and the baby will spend all day in it- belaying, hiking, sleeping, catching fish etc. without getting antsy. It carries low and solid so there’s no worries about wiping out with baby on board.
Ali: Kid’s Comfort I. This thing rocks and both my parents tote me all over in it. Best of all they padded my whole area so I can fall asleep without chafing my face.

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