Meet Our Newest Family Ambassadors Bret and Melissa Edge

Authors of the popular Adventure Tykes blog, the Edges live in Moab, Utah, with their two and a half year old son Jackson. Already Jackson has been to 10 national parks, road-tripped for three weeks around the Pacific Northwest, summited his first 14er, and gotten a feel for Utah slickrock. Dirtbag in the making? Maybe. If his parents have their way.


Read on to learn a little more about Bret and Melissa.

What is your core sport(s)?
Running, hiking, road tripping
Jackson: Climbing, rock throwing, bike riding

What other sports do you participate in or sort of fun do you enjoy?
Canyoneering, backpacking, mountain biking, climbing, adventure motorcycling
climbing, backpacking, shopping, picnicking, shopping, mtn biking and shopping
Anything that doesn't require sitting still. (Chasing my dogs, jumping off things, running everywhere.)

When/what was your first memorable "outdoor" experience?
Bret: I wasn't really exposed to outdoor recreation until after high school. My first real outdoor experience was a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon. My buddy and I spent 3 days and 2 nights in the Canyon, we got lost and ran out of water, became dehydrated and started hallucinating when we found a pool of filthy water in a small side canyon. That water saved us, and even though the trip wasn't exactly "fun" the whole time, I was forever hooked on hiking and backpacking.
I started playing in the outdoors, camping and fishing when I was a wee one. I remember fishing with my brothers somewhere in the mountains around the age of 7 and falling in a shallow creek while scoping out the beaver dam.
Jackson: I spent two weeks in Glacier National Park, riding on mom's back for 50+ miles of hiking, seeing mountain goats, big horn sheep and ground squirrels on the trail and staying 2 nights at the Granite Park Chalet we had to hike to.

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