The life of a Deuter Kikki

Day 1: Today I arrived at my new home. A little 2-year-old boy (Ky) was so excited to meet me and we became best friends immediately, our first adventure together was to the store with his mommy and daddy. Ky wore me everywhere! He even took a nap with me. Oh, how he makes me feel so loved.   We rode his bike, fought bad guys, and explored new worlds.




Day 12: My first day at daycare was today. Ky proudly wore me to the car and then into daycare. I was proudly carrying all of the necessities any young child would need diapers, extra clothes, and his teddy for naptime. He couldn’t stop talking about me with all of his friends and caregiver. I make him feel like he is a big boy headed off to school.


Day 47: I go everywhere with Ky! I routinely get packed with diapers, wipes, spare clothes, a sippy cup, teddy, and a few random toys. Ky takes me to school (daycare) everyday. I have also been on some bike rides with the family, to college with dad, the local climbing gym and crag, and everywhere in between. Anytime I come in the house Ky leaves me right next to the front door for any last minute adventure.


Day 128: SNOW!!! I got to taste my first snowflake! It was on our way out to the car for daycare. What a magical moment. Tonight we are headed out to go skiing. I think that I am just as excited as Ky. I hope we don’t fall down too much. I’m going to be full tonight, besides the usual toys and treats I will have to hold a blanket, gloves, beanie hat, and goggles. Skiing will be a great adventure!


Day 263: Things have changed for me; I no longer carry diapers and wipes. Ky says it has something to do with him becoming a “big boy”. Either way I’m happier. Now I have more room for the good stuff, like toys and treats. I still carry a kids water bottle in my handy-dandy side pocket as well as a spare set of clothes. The dad has discovered that he can fit a hydration reservoir in my wet pocket. I’m excited to give that a try, it would mean that I could be a big pack for a big boy!


Day 365: Yay! It’s been a year! And oh what a year it has been skiing, biking, school, road trips, hiking, climbing. I have seriously been on more adventures than any other pack that this family owns and this is only my first year with them! I am excited for what journey lies ahead for my adventure partner and me.





Day 562: What an adventurous family I have! I now have a new friend, another Kikki, she’s green. Green Kikki is for the new little girl, Faith, in the family. Green is starting where I once started, headed to daycare hauling diapers and wipes. I have shared with her all of my adventures with this family and she is excited for what is in store. Ky’s mommy has decided to use one of my side pockets to stash prizes for him when he is a good boy on our adventures. I feel so special, like Ky’s wingman, to accompany him everywhere!


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