Kid Comfort I

Any active parent raising little ones in a outdoorsy family knows that taking your kids along for the fun often means carrying your kids along for the fun. The happiness of the little one(s) often dictates the happiness of the group as a whole. One way to up your chances of a happy small-fry is to make sure that they're comfortable. We offer many ways to carry your kids from our convertible KangaKid to our full "Kid Comfort" line of kid carriers.



The Kid Comfort I is our most economical member of the Kid Comfort line, but don't let the price fool you, this is a full featured kid-totin' machine. The Kid Comfort I shares many features with the Kid Comfort II & Kid Comfort III such as the Vari-Quick harness system, a padded hip belt, a headrest for your little one, a foldout stand (allowing you to secure your kiddo without having to balance the pack), a large zipped storage pocket (big enough for snacks, a jacket, and a few toys), and height-adjustable seat.

Ready for a Kid Comfort I?

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