Keeping The Family Running And Hydrated In The Texas Desert With Deuter

Let me start by explaining we live in Austin, Texas, a part of the world with limited altitude, where the winter Texans and snowbirds flock for the "temperate climate." This equates to a low propensity for a snow adventure, which is a big bummer for my husband and me.

We hit the road every chance we get, but more of that in a future post. These last few months have been filled with running, running, and more running. It is too hot to run here in the summer, so our running season is through the winter.




A few girlfriends and I have been training for a 13-mile (half marathon) trail run, and while I love my running partners, my new best friends are the Deuter Hydro Lite 2.0, the streamer water bladder that fits inside, and the Deuter Pulse One water bottle belt pack.

Kodi_Run-225x300 (1)These carried my snacks, water, extra clothes, and sunscreen without any trouble. They are lightweight and fit great, and there was no chaffing. The water bladder is easy to fill up, and seal off, the water tastes great, and I had no problems with the bladder leaking.

Best of all, was that as I trained for my half, my 6-year-old daughter trained for her first 5K. Her race came a few weeks after mine, and instead of running in balmy 75-degree weather like I did, her day dawned rainy, cold and grey.

Did I mention it rained the whole night prior? So it was sloppy! We could have easily crawled back in bed and slept a few more hours, but off we went to run and abuse our water bottle belt pack again!



Kodi_Finish-225x300She powered along stoked by a little a Mama Mia soundtrack and energy blocks that, to a 6-year-old seem just like candy.

I always have to remember as I ask my kiddos to rise to physical challenges that I need to keep it fun and keeping it fun means staying light hearted, open minded, hydrated and fueled with plenty of fun calories.

Deuter helps me keep all the essentials handy to keep my munchkins and me going strong and playing hard. Must say it was a really fun morning sharing something I love with someone I love.

–Kodi Cage Sisson, (Family Ambassador).

Make sure you and your little ones stay hydrated!

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