James from Petzl Reviews the Race EXP Air

So I picked up the Deuter Race EXP Air just before heading out on a fall trip to Sun Valley, ID. Hands down this is the best hydration pack I have owned, borrowed, or even seen out in the field. I have been riding for over 20 years and my previous hydration pack (recognized brand name not need mentioning) was marginal at best. The last two years I was so frustrated with hydration packs that I switched to one water bottle on my bike and another in a jersey pocket. The reason I like this set up is because you can ditch the pack all together, get airflow on your back and not carry a heavy pack all day but when riding in SV, ID or CB, CO you need something for provisions, rain coat, lots of water, food, and tools which this set up clearly does not accommodate.

That is when I decided to go with the Deuter Race EXP Air. The pack is perfect in all aspects. The best feature is the airflow on your back. I sometimes wear cotton button down shirts when riding and I don't get a sweaty back due to Deuter's patented Aircomfort back system. The pack has an integrated rain fly for spotty weather on long rides, integrated helmet carrying system on the front that tucks away, small pockets for keys, wallet, energy foods, etc. The main pocket is perfectly sized for tools, rain coat, and warm clothes. For extended rides where you need just a little more room they have built n an expansion zipper to give just that much more room.

The last thing that makes this one of the best bike hydration packs on the market is the bladder. This 100oz. Bladder has an awesome bite valve that does not leak and a cover for the bite valve so it's not rolling in the dirt when you drop the pack on the ground. The opening is huge which makes it easy to add ice and even easier to fill it with water. All in all I'm psyched and I'm back to riding with a pack again thanks to Deuter.

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