Indoor Adventures with Starlight EXP


Over the river and through the woods.... Ahhh, the great indoors. A few months back, we spent a weekend at my parents house in Larkspur, Colorado and quickly realized our two-year-old old no longer fits in the pack and play. Her head and feet push out the ends and she wakes in the night. And when she doesn’t sleep, neither do mom, dad, or little sister. Besides, every parent can relate to what a pain those things are to set up. It’s not worth breaking your fingers to push in the side tabs.

Which is why we were thankful to have our Deuter Starlight EXP. It’s a bit big for our toddler, but she’ll grow into it. It packs into a compact bundle, and it’s cozy and warm.We made a special "bed" and she snuggled in. We all slept through the night! Now, we can actually imagine camping in the great outdoors and getting back to some real adventures in nature.

The bag is great because it is expandable. As she grows, we can unzip the bottom and it will grow along with her. In the meantime, the extra insulation at the foot of the bag keeps her warm! She had such a great time playing 'camping' that when daylight came, it was only the smell of pancakes and maple syrup that lured her out to play! Even though she's only two, this bag will suit her for many years - up until she is just over 4 feet tall - probably adequate for most 6-7 year olds!

Now that we’ve put it to the test inside we’re plotting next summer’s outdoor adventures. Tune in six or seven months from now to see how the Starlight EXP does (and, of course, how our sweet toddler does) in the great outdoors.

—Meegan Flenniken and Eric Odell (Family Ambassadors)

Keep your little one cozy and warm inside or outside.

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