How to Adventure: A Fool-Proof Guide

We love the outdoors and are constantly looking for new adventures. Spending time in the mountains and being immersed in the outdoors is what makes us feel whole. Sometimes the extra work it takes to commit to visiting a certain location or taking the road less traveled can be dissuading. But almost every time, the decision to “just go for it” and start out on an adventure is more than worth the effort.

Here are some quick tips on how to embark on an adventure of your own:

1. Get an adventure mobile


There are now companies out there that will rent out converted vans and campers for a weekend or several month long excursions. Search online in the locale you plan to visit to see what's offered. Or, take a leaf from this ambassadors book and build out a Ford E-150 van with whatever luxuries you want. We have driven our van all over the Western United States and have lived out of it for months at a time. For under $10,000 we were able to buy the van, install a small kitchen, bench seating that converts to a bed, and a solar panel that will provide power for several days. This enables us the freedom to travel to almost any location on a budget, and spend as much time as we want enjoying our own adventure.

2. Go somewhere new


We have spent time rock climbing all over North America. Needing a change of pace, we decided to spend two weeks climbing south of Monterrey, Mexico. Not only did we get to climb up several thousand foot tall faces, we also got to enjoy Mexico’s incredible culture, enjoy beers with rock climbers from all over the world, and chow down on a ton of delicious grilled meats.

3. Take the trail less travelled 


On a trip to Colombia we decided we wanted to get off the beaten path for several days. After speaking with local guides we used their recommendations and a GPS to navigate a trail that was at some points non-existent. On our hike we spent two nights in remote Colombian farmhouses with local families. We were able to hike to an elevation just under 16,000 ft, see views of glaciated volcanoes, and glimpse several endangered tropical bird species. By making the effort for this  journey we were able to avoid the crowds of the more populated trails elsewhere in the park.

4. Take up a new sport

Paddling adventures in Alaska


Up until a couple of years ago traveling through the backcountry for us typically involved hiking, skiing, or biking. While living in the remote town of McCarthy, Alaska, we were encouraged to take up the sport of packrafting by some friends who were much more skilled in water sports than we were. The lightweight boats helped expand the scope of our adventure. Not only were we able to cover more ground in a shorter period of time by traveling down a river, but also it became possible to travel through terrain that was previously impassable to us. Find a friend who possesses skills that you do not or find a local meet-up group specializing in your new sport of interest and take on a new challenge.

Everyone has the ability to create their own adventure. Whether it is jumping in your car and driving to a local trailhead you have continually passed by, hiring local guides/instructors to expand your skill set, or trying something completely new, it is worth the experience.

Take advantage of your time on earth and the beauty the world has to offer! What new adventure will you seek?

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