'Hike' is a 4 letter word

Nov1There are some 4 letter words that are off-limits when children are around.  Instead of using the word “hike”, we have created the alluring “adventure”.  It’s a subtle difference that describes outdoor activities that coincidentally involve a walk from A to B.  It’s become more about the journey, less about the destination.

We’ve put many miles on our Kid Comfort II.  At some fuzzy stage between 2 and 3 years of age there seems to be a surge of both independence and physiological weight, which changes the parameters when planning outdoor adventures. Our 3 year old now prefers to walk with his big boy legs rather than being carried.  He sees what mom and dad do, and wants to copy.  A big part of copying is carrying his snacks and water bottle in his backpack, just like mom and dad.

When planning 4 letter “adventures”, there are four key things that work for us:

  1. Start early, knowing that nap time brings a cantankerous little hiker.
  2. Pack tasty snacks and water: even mom gets cranky if there’s no food!
  3. Breaks are healthy for everyone: don’t plan on sticking to a schedule, and sometimes playing with a stick by a stream or watching a spider wrap up his lunch is a worthwhile interlude.
  4. Sing-a-longs: use riddles, rhymes and silly songs to distract or entertain when the adventure starts to lose its luster

My definition of a satisfying hike has changed significantly.  I’m covering far less miles than I used to, but sharing the journey with a 3 year old is joyful, albeit slow.  The theme of “adventure” also has the opportunity to transcend into other realms. We recently took a domestic flight, and eyeing my Speed lite 20 our 3-year-old was adamant about carrying his own Deuter backpack.  Instead of snacks, he chose cars and books to load into his Deuter. It was with the same sense of excitement and independence that he approached the experience.


Author: Belinda Pohlmann, Family Ambassador

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