Helmet Holder Holds It Together


It was the day after New Year's Day and we wondered, as we drove up the pass, if it would be busy at the trailhead with other skiers trying to extend their holidays, too, or if we'd have it to ourselves. Making the last steep climbing turn in the road, we saw an empty trailhead and rejoiced at the prospect of having the backcountry to just the two of us.

A rare day on Cameron Pass, besides an empty trailhead, we were also treated to no wind and about 5" fresh powder from the night before. It was frigid and I suddenly wished I had spent the time at home to put my skins on my skis in the warmth of our house and to have figured out how to use my new helmet holder.


In the spirit of the way the day was shaping up though, my skins went on fast and easy and the Helmet Holder attached easily onto the Cruise 28 SL ski pack with four quick, intuitive hooks. I never would have thought having my helmet secured tightly to the outside of my pack (versus swinging by the helmet's clip to an outside pack strap as I'd become accustomed to the past 12 years) would make such a difference – no feeling of loose gear swinging around and no annoying banging of plastic on plastic with every glide forward.

We skied up the trail in the 2 degree Fahrenheit temperatures and absolute silence, save our skis gliding on snow. We enjoyed a few powder runs through the trees, drank hot tea and ate sandwiches hunkered down in our down jackets. The day ended with a fast fun ski down the trail. New snow, new gear, and a new year – the perfect way to ring in 2013!

–Meegan Flenniken and Eric Odell (Family Ambassadors)

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