Happiness Is Free

I’ve seen a lot of sunrises in my lifetime so far, and each one was a beauty. This one in particular was different. Perhaps it was because it was a solstice day, or because I hadn’t climbed High E in quite a while, or that we are now leaving the summer season and winter is a couple short months around the corner.


My partner and I rallied and awoke at 3:30 a.m. to climb the first pitch of High Exposure in the Gunks by headlamp. We arrived at the GT ledge just as the sun began to greet us and IT. WAS. MARVELOUS. We continued up the second pitch and after coffee and croissants on the ledge, we lamented on old chapters as well as discussed new ones unfolding.


The first day of a new season and the ending of an old one always provokes questions. How did I change? How am I different? I feel happier. I no longer rely on the big moments to define me or my life – instead, I am trying to seize the ordinary ones and make them great. Those are the moments in my life that don’t always scream out to me, “Wait! Pay attention to this. This is important.”


Seize an ordinary moment and make it great. Happiness is something you choose and not something you deserve or earn. Happiness is free.

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