Gear Junkie hits Roanoke – we'll be there, too

Snapshot-2010-07-09-08-30-12Our good friend, Stephen, aka The Gear Junkie, will be holding a unique and fun event for folks this weekend – The Treasure Hunt. Are you ready to hunt for gear?

On July 11, will host a one-day-only treasure hunt in a wilderness park near Roanoke, Virginia! The Gear Junkie's "Treasure Hunt: Roanoke" event has a goal to give away $40,000+ in outdoor gear to a couple hundred lucky participants.

The Gear Junkie's "Treasure Hunt: Roanoke" event will be essentially a trail and off-trail orienteering footrace. Flags are hidden in the woods and on trails in Explore Park. The location of each flag is marked on the map. At each flag, there is a pin punch. You stamp a "passport" card at each flag to prove you were there (the flags stay in place the whole day). Participants earn points for each flag found and punched. You then cash in at "Gear Central" at the end of your race.


Deuter will be providing some great gear, including the Futura Pro 42, a solid all-around pack with all the features, capacity and storage you'll need for any weekend (or for the super-dialed, longer) adventure. So get out there and have some fun this weekend. Time is limited to get there, so make a plan FAST!



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