Taking the Futura Pro 40SL to Tasmania

OTThe Overland Track in Australia had been on my bucket list for years.  It’s a 60 mile walk that takes you through Cradle Mountain National Park, with many side-trips to indulge in should the weather permit.  For 6 days we found ourselves far from civilization, cold beer and warm showers.  We booked our departure date ahead of time as peak season is popular, and departures appropriately restricted.  My end of school year coincided with a change of job for my brother, so we planned, packed and traveled to Tasmania, a stones throw from Antarctica.


OT1-1280x540-1I wanted to travel light, but was well aware of the need to pack for all weather conditions.  Opting to go minimalist, I decided on the Deuter Futura Pro 40SL. I volunteered  to carry the food, which although heavy was not too bulky.  Thankfully my brother agreed to carry our tent and camping stove.  My pack was dense, weighing in at 44lbs at the start of the trip, and 17lbs at the end.  The variflex hipbelt pivots at the center of your lower back, which allowed me to comfortably carry the heavy load, without feeling out of balance.  The load transfer felt seamless as I stepped, traipsed and sloshed my way along the track.  The Futura Pro 40SL is bigger than a day pack, but presents none of the ungainliness of a monster trekking backpack.




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On the Overland Track we encountered sun, rain, hail, snow and mud.  Gaiters and trekking poles were essential as we balanced our way across boulders and tree roots.  I frequently used the trekking pole attachment points on the Futura Pro, which are divine when you just want to be hands-free.  Much of the track is duckboard, but with all the rain in Tasmania it is impossible not to encounter sections that more closely resemble water features than walking paths.  There are huts along the way to sleep in, but it’s mandatory to carry a tent and there are tent platforms that allow you to stay mostly high and dry.

OT8-1-300x225I used the side compression straps to carry my therm-a-rest, and strapped my bulky down sleeping bag to the front of the back.  These outside-the-pack additions did not affect the balance or weight distribution of the pack.  To allow for the extra items outside of the pack I brought along the Rain Cover I, a perfect compliment to the integrated rain cover cleverly stashed in the base of the Futura Pro 40SL.  Unlike my brother, my pack and contents were dry on day 6.

Apart from 2 leeches, I finished the Overland Track unscathed.  We gratefully scoffed down Overland Track burgers at Cynthia Bay before jumping on a bus back to Hobart.  Freeze-dried food definitely loses its appeal after 6 nights!

Author: Belinda Pohlmann, Family Ambassador

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