Futura Pro 34 SL & 42

The Futura Pro group of Deuter packs benefits from the same features as the regular Futura line. Because it has been designed for multi day tours - spring steel frame allows it to comfortably carry larger loads. Specifically designed for long day hikes and weekend adventure, the Futura Pro 42 keeps your gear organized and carries well with its Aircomfort Pro system and Variflex hip belt design.


The top-loader backpack is perfect for alpine scrambling and general hiking use. The Deuter Aircomfort back system keeps the ventilation flowing, so you can keep moving. The simple top-loader design is complimented by a lower zip-access panel for sleeping bag storage or accessing gear at the bottom of the backpack.


For an option designed to fit women or men with smaller builds, the Futura Pro 34 SL is a perfect choice. The SL version of our packs feature:


  1. Soft edges to the straps, smaller buckles and narrow tapered strap ends prevent the SL shoulder straps from chafing under the arms and eliminate pressure points in the chest area.
  2. On average, women's backs are not quite as long as men's. The SL carry system is thus slightly shorter than that of Deuter's standard rucksacks. Conse quently, the models in the SL series are the ideal choice, too, for male users with shorter backs.
  3. This conical form is achieved by angling the belt diagonally upwards and by curving the SL waist belt wings. The frontal adjuster system feature of our larger volume rucksacks simplifies the waist belt fitting procedure.
  4. To take account of the narrower shoulder width of the female anatomy, and thus prevent slippage, the SL shoulder straps are both narrower and shorter in length.
  5. In order to give a perfect anatomic fit around the upper body, the SL shoulder straps are both narrower and shorter in length.
  6. In general, the female waist and hip area is also shaped differently, so in order for the waist belt to deliver a perfect anatomic fit when fastened, it should ideally have a conical shape.

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