How the Fox 30 Made Me a Bad/Good Mom



After over five years of playing Sherpa/burro/donkey/pack mule to our son, we finally had the opportunity to get him back, thanks to the Deuter Fox 30. As we prepared for our first outing with the Deuter Fox 30, I felt both guilty and smug.

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Like little pack-shaped, good and bad consciences sitting on each of my shoulders, the little devil of a pack sneering from one shoulder, saying, “Haha! That’s 30 cubic inches of space that you can now stuff with all the things HE needs that YOU’VE had to lug around for the past few years! Layers! Water! Snacks! Toys! Books! Even those Star Wars Legos he INSISTS on carrying around everywhere even though he KNOWS he’s going to lose little bits and pieces along the way and have a tantrum later! (insert evil laugh)”.

The little angel pack looked at me from my other shoulder with judging eyes, pleading with me to have mercy on the poor little tyke. “Bad mom—he’s only five! And he hasn’t even skied before. Why would you burden him with all these things when you could very easily carry it yourself? (insert “tut-tutting”)”.

Aparna_GoodBad_4The devil won. And thank goodness he did. Kieran absolutely loved the Fox 30. Compared to the Deuter Junior, which he carried on a 5-day backcountry trip last year and now carries to school every day, the Fox 30 fits more snugly (it has a waist belt) and will fit everything he needs for not only a long day in our local Nordic ski area, but a longer day of hiking in our backyard—the Wind River Range. It also provided great cushioning as the little man kept wiping out on his skis. We’re looking forward to using it this summer on our second annual llama packing trip in August, when Kieran will hopefully be able to hike even longer miles without bugging us to retrieve various and sundry items out of our backpacks.

Am I feeling just a teensy bit guilty about making him wear a big pack? Maybe. But am I also feeling some redemption? Definitely! Oh, and let’s not forget that the Fox 30 also just empowered my little boy to become a true backpacker.

–Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin (Family Ambassador).

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