Having Four Kids is No Excuse to Stay Home

There’s something about having a pile of kids, not to mention actually getting out and doing something adventurous with them, that makes people pretty certain you’re completely crazy. Yes, we have four little ones under eight years old. Yep, it’s a lot of work getting out the door. No, there is absolutely no way are we staying home.


Kids and Bison

In this day and age, it’s a bit countercultural (ok, maybe a lot) having a “big” family. And no TV. And a basement full of gear that wasn’t sold along with your life when you decided to have kids.

But here’s the thing – I am bound and determined that my children will be active members of this world we live in...and that connection best starts from the ground up (literally).

If they don’t know how to discover and adventure and find their own way through the mountains and the trees, how can they ever be expected to navigate the much harder trails of adulthood?

And so they learn problem solving, how to push themselves and how to find joy in their successes now. Outside. Because that is way more sane than four kids bouncing off the walls of a 1,200 square foot home. They may be clueless when it comes to video games, but they know how to read cues and navigate around a herd of bison.

When the cross country skiing gets tough, the kids get picked up.

Pleasure in Puddles

They may stare at you blankly when asked about the latest shows on TV, but can build a fire, set up a camp and roast a mean ‘mallow.

They are happy to be dirty, find pleasure in puddles and huge snow piles, and know how to whine and complain like the best of ‘em.

So despite rounds and rounds of bad days and forgotten gear and crying, hangry kids (and adults), we press on. Because there’s hope in the future – for them leading the way down the trail, and through this crazy world we live in.

(Here's a great starter backpack for your wild child, the Deuter Kikki.)

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