Elevation Outdoors Summer Camp - More Gear!

With the summer in full swing, the fine folks at Elevation Outdoors have been getting out and having some fun. In the latest issue, the editors got the gear wrangling for what they call "Summer Camp" – It's the season to get out and roam in the high country and this roundup of the best gear we took to the trail will help you explore the hills.

That said, the Deuter Kid Comfort III is a favorite. Check out what they say:

Bring the Family – Deuter Kid Comfort III
Once you find yourself a parent, a kid carier becomes mandatory if you want your outdoor lifestly to continue. This is the best we tested, comfy and easy to adjust for you and the kid and complete with a roomy gear compartment. Big Plus: You can unsnap the child harness from the side to gently extricate a sleeping kid.
$279; deuterusa.com



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