Elevation Outdoors Reviews the Race EXP Air

Snapshot-2010-04-30-12-31-33-150x150Elevation Outdoors, an amazing regional zine here in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, recenty beat up the Race EXP Air. Ah yes, with snow melting like mad and local trails opening up, folks can't wait to trade the boards for the


Snapshot-2010-04-30-12-43-16-150x150    bikes and earn the downhill thrill. Don't forget your helmet...yikes!


So what did AMGA guide Rob Coppolillo have to say? Well here it is:

The Deuter Solution - in a nutshell - "So begins my cycling for the year. I won't get to guide any trips in Italia this season, as the better half and I are expecting twins in late June/early July. Woh! Indeed. But I'm liking the Deuter. It's a few bucks cheaper than the competition (as most Deuter packs are) and the construction seems solid. If it's anything like my old Deuter Guide 25, which I used for six years incessantly with only a zipper blowout (immediately warranteed by Deuter), then I'll be wearing this thing when the gods finally take me back. Stay tuned for another Deuter review, this time of a Pace 30, an ultralight alpinism pack I was hoping to test in Europe. Alas, our pup blew out his ACL and Rebecca's too pregnant to deal with a hobbled Aussie Shepherd, so that trip will have to wait. But I'll test 'er out here, soon."

Well, a huge congratulations to Rob! Twins...wow. For the time being, keep getting out there! And for those of us out there gearing up and lusting toward the mountain bike season...let us know what you think of your Race EXP Air. Don't have one yet?

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