Elevation Outdoors Reviews the Pace 30

It's always fantastic to hear everyone's thoughts and experiences with the Deuter line. The Pace 30 just landed in the latest issue of Elevation Outdoors. What do they have to say about the Pace 30? Here goes...

"I like the Pace 30 because it's light, simple, and functional. Factor in its $99 price tag (I paid for mine; full disclosure) and I'm not sure you can beat it in terms of bang-for-buck." - Rob Coppolillo. Rob finishes with that, granted, but here's how it all begins. "The quest for the perfect pack a journey as storied and timeless as the search for the perfect pizza. Once you've had the best, you're right back out there looking for its superior. I probably have a dozen backpacks of every variety out in the garage as we speak. Packs for backpacking, rock climbing, skiing, cycling, traveling. Oh, how I long for one pack that could do it all in the mountains.

Snapshot-2010-05-14-15-48-30-150x150"A buddy of mine showed up for a trip to Canada with a Detuer ski-specific pack, the Cruise 30. I borrowed it for a run or two and liked the way it carried. I returned home and surfed the Deuter website, deuterusa.com, to see what else they might offer. I've already reviewed one of their cycling packs (the Race EXP Air; $135), but I spied a lightweight do-it-all model called the Pace 30 ($99) and thought it looked like a worthy contender for alpine pursuits.


"I've used the Pace several times skiing, loading a full guide pack, meaning I carried a rescue sled, tarp, med kit, splint kit, and small repair kit, in addition to my regular gear. I've liked the way it skis thus far, without being too stiff or plankish on my back."

What do we have to say about the Pace 30? Introducing the new generation in ultralight adventure packs. The Pace 30 offers a lightweight answer to fast ski tours, long alpine routes, adventure racing, and more. Airy mesh shoulder straps and hip belt offer ventilated comfort, and less overall weight on the back means more energy to spend on having fun.

What do YOU have to say about YOUR Deuter experiences? Let us know in the What's Your Deuter Story section of our website...you could win a Deuter pack, too!

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