Finally, a Women's Specific Kid Carrier – Deuter's Kid Comfort Active SL

Start ‘em young.

Instead of watching Saturday morning cartoons, load up for a Saturday morning hike with the kids. Water? Check. Snacks? Check. Camera? Check. Baby? Can’t forget the baby. Mom is on kid duty. And thanks to Deuter’s new women’s specific Kid Comfort Active SL, hiking with the kid is a breeze.

What sets the Kid Comfort Active SL apart? It’s all in the name. 

Kid Comfort: If the kid is happy, the hiker is too. So Deuter made sure the child would be sitting in luxury with a padded seat and contoured shoulder straps that buckle the rider into place. As the baby grows to a toddler, so grows the carrier. The seat adjusts down to make room for a longer torso and one side of the pack completely opens so walking children can climb in without help. The pack offers stirrups to make sure those with long enough legs have a place to rest their feet, there’s a washable, drool-friendly chin pad, and to top it all off, it’s rated to ASTM and TUV safety certifications.

Active: This is what we’re all here for. To be outside, enjoy nature and share it with our family. To be active. The latest and greatest from Deuter makes exploring new areas, or visiting old favorites, easier than ever. How? It’s light. Really light. Less than 6 pounds light. Over the course of an ongoing partnership between Deuter and Hike It Baby, mothers were regularly asking for something with less bulk and weight. The Kid Comfort Active SL delivered.

SL: SL stands for Slim Line and it’s found on every women’s specific pack Deuter makes. What’s that mean for the Kid Comfort Active SL? The torso length is adjustable to a shorter size, the hip belt is angled and shaped to better fit a women’s hips and the shoulder straps are closer together for narrower shoulders. 


Look at the full package and you have an ultra-light, ultra-comfortable pack for both the carrier and the carried. The pack boasts a locking kickstand and a sturdy aluminum frame to keep everything upright while it’s resting on the ground, and plenty of extra storage space under the child’s seat.

If that isn’t enough features, there’s a sun shade and extra comfortable large pillow that can be added after market as accessories for the pack. 

Now that you have your gear dialed, Saturday morning cartoons are off and everything is loaded and ready to good, including the kid, what are you waiting for? Get going and share the great outdoors with your family.

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