Deuter Speed Lite Series Packs - The Demi Pack of Godly Proportions

Truc Reviews recently went out in the Pacific Northwest to beat up the Speed Lite packs...and yes, they liked 'em. Here's what they said:

"What do Hermes, the messenger god, and backpacks have in common? Nothing, until you strap into Deuters Speed Lite series packs.


The Speed Lite packs are for the fleet of foot who don't want to be burdened down while transporting their prayers to the mountain gods. My chosen method of worship was back country skiing with my chosen vessel being the Speed Lite 20L.

At first, some of the features struck me as a little odd. A front stash pouch with a sewn top confounded me because it seemed that I couldn't put much in with only two small side access points. Luckily, Hermes showed me the errors of my ways (for who am I to question the gods?) by proving that the pouch was a perfect fit for my skins and downhill ski equipment. This resulted in lightening fast transitions - skins on, gloves off - and allowed for some offerings of sublime Ambrosia and downhill skiing.

One thing that made perfect sense was the weight. It weights in a smidge over a pound (1.2lbs) and is about as naked as Hermes himself. This weight, in league with the well thought out, non-hindering shoulder straps and streamline tapered design means you hardly notice the pack while you're wearing it. Completing the package is Deuters patented tensioned Delron U-frame suspension system, a small zippered pouch for keys, snacks, incense and side straps that work well to compress A-frame skis. You could even strap a sacrificed goat to the outside of the pack and you'll look and feel like a demi-god while practicing your chosen method of worship.

Pros: Lightweight and streamlined makes this pack an awesome addition for your side/back country ski pursuits as well as paying homage to the gravity gods (i.e. climbing).

Cons: The waist belt is too small and thin to be any good other then holding up your pants. No sweat though, it's easily removable. Strapping on some ice tools is limited because there's no way to securely attach the shaft of the tool to the pack.

One Note: Since this pack is so cut, you won't be able to put anything larger then a Deploy 3 shovel inside. Didn't see this as a Con just the nature of doing business with this pack.

Specs: 1.2lbs Capacity 20L MSRP: $79.00

Well, we couldn't agree more. Much less suggest things like using it as a hydration pack for rides, plane carry on and throwing stuff in for a day at the beach...mmmm....beach.

Suggestions include hitting your local retailer or supporting one of these guys...we sure do!

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