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We love hearing that people enjoy our products and rave reviews never get old either. Lately we've had some very nice things written about our products in the blogsphere.

Check out and their review of the Kid Comfort II. This family needed a kid carrier that could also serve as a backpack (pockets for snacks, phones, etc.). It needed to fit mom (5'4") and dad (6'0") and be comfortable for their daughter.

The Kid Comfort II met all the requirements and blew them away. Ready to get a Kid Comfort II to tote your little ones around?

Kid Comfort II

Kids Adventure Gear
recently put our Little Star WXP Sleeping Bag though its paces. They were impressed with expandability of this bag allowing it to fit kids ranging from 2'10" - 4'0".

Pick up a Little Star EXP for your little one from one of our online retailers.

Jen & Kendra recently purchased a Kid Comfort III so they could take their little one one outdoor adventures. They report that this was the MOST comfortable backpack they'd ever carried.

Pick up your own Kid Comfort III

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