The Deuter Kid Comfort III Takes Us Places

Being active parents with kids requires that you MUST have appropriate and adequate gear to continue your adventures. If you don't, you would become a couch potato or you will be uncomfortable.
Before our son was born we made sure that we purchased a kid backpack carrier. Being new parents wasn't going to stop us from hiking, camping, backpacking or participating in any of our other outdoor activities. We made sure that we acquired the appropriate gear.

Unfortunately, you never know if the gear is going to be adequate or comfortable until you try it out. We found this to be true. On our third hike with our son in a non-dueter backpack carrier we came to the conclusion that we needed something different. We tried out the pack on three different occasions but found it to be very uncomfortable, hindering our ability to hike longer than a couple miles. That just wasn't going to cut it. Needless to say, we ditched our first uncomfortable carrier for the Deuter Kid Comfort III and if you are so inclined you can read about my review of the Deuter Kid Comfort III.

Since the purchase of 'The Throne', as we like to call it, our son has ventured to some amazing places.

MelEdge_KCIII_Places1-150x150                                                               MelEdge_KCIII_Places2-150x150                                                   MelEdge_KCIII_Places3-150x150

MelEdge_KCIII_Places4-150x150                                                               MelEdge_KCIII_Places5-150x150                                                    MelEdge_KCIII_Places6-150x150

1. Superstition Mountains, AZ  /  2. Hidden Valley Trail - Moab, UT  /  3. Highline Trail to Granite Park Chalet - Glacier National  Park, MT  / 4. On the way up to the summit of Handies Peak (14,048 ft) - San Juans, CO (Our sons first 14ner)  /  5. Devils Garden, Arches National Park - Moab, UT  /  6. Grand Tetons National Park

This carrier has allowed us to get high up on mountain tops, travel off the beaten path into the woods, scale sandstone fins in the desert and pretty much go wherever our hearts desire. Our outdoor pursuits didn't slow down and knowing that we could bring our son along anywhere we went motivated and inspired us to seek out new places.

Thanks to the Deuter Kid Comfort III for allowing not only us as parents to continue our adventures but also, giving our son the ability to experience such amazing places early in his young life.

–Melissa Edge (Family Ambassador).

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