Deuter Invites You To Explore Norway

556580_4262789647167_1329389978_n-300x300Start with an otherworldly, dramatic landscape befitting giants, then add in a sophisticated culture dating to ancient times, a plethora of possible adventures, and days that stretch to 19+ hours of bright daylight. This is Norway.

The Walton Works and a crew of talented writers recently set out to explore parts of the country, with expectations that it would be beautiful and the coming adventures would be fun. Those expectations were not nearly big enough to adequately prepare the team for what they would find once they touched down.

Norway’s fjords, several of which have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites, offer breathtaking views that will turn even a seasoned traveler’s perspective of the world upside-down. The reality is beyond imagination; steep sides that often don’t offer shoreline, precariously perched farms, glaciers and steep cliff faces that stretch 1,300meters from the water’s edge, flowering trees bursting with color....

The fjords also present the intrepid adventurer with endless opportunities for paddling, hiking, fishing, skiing, and adventure. For this group, that meant paddling in Nærøyfjord, part of the country’s longest, narrowest fjord, Sognefjord or “King of Fjords.” Nærøyfjord boasts dramatic waterfalls, snow-topped peaks and gorgeous farmland along its lush, steep sides. “Imagine paddling a sea kayak on calm waters under cliffs and steep hillsides the size of El Capitan for 20 miles -- that's what kayaking the Nærøyfjord, the narrowest fjord in the world, is like. Calling the landscape here "dramatic" is an understatement,” noted Brendan Leonard of Semi-Rad.

Beyond what the fjords offer... all manner of outdoor adventure awaits. The crew set out to push the limits of their acrophobia on the via Ferrata of Tyssedal which traces the early 1900’s construction of the Tysso 1 hydropower power. “The Tysso via ferrata is a history lesson with adrenaline. Following in the footsteps of the rallar who built the 400-meter pipeline literally on the side of a mountain, demands respect -- and comparatively, the jaw-dropping exposure is certainly much more enjoyable these days with a via ferrata kit and new hardware,” commented Brendan as he recounted stories from the trip.

Paddling with goats, hikes through fjordland farms and Aurland Valley - the Grand Canyon of Norway, solstice spent sipping aquavit in the cultural center of Bergen, the via ferrata... so much was packed into nine days of travel, but so much was left still to be seen. We are already plotting our next visit to this incredible country.

Discover to a whole new world of adventure. Deuter, Fjord Norway and Visit Norway invite you to explore Norway's gorgeous natural playgrounds and its rich history by entering to win a trip for two to the country. The winner will receive a 4-night, 5-day trip filled with exploration and activities to satiate both their inner Indiana Jones history buff and their Dean Potter adrenaline seeker. Spend time in Bergen with its historic, golden Bryggen quarter, travel to Voss - rightfully dubbed the “adrenaline town” and visit some of the incredible fjords by boat. Entries will be accepted until January 2, 2013.

Like all contests do, this one has its own set of rules and requirements. By entering the contest, you will be agreeing to play by the rules. Read them here!

–Teresa Bruffey (The Walton Works)

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