Deuter backpacks take on another summit.

We are proud of or heritage: alpine pioneers, climbers, skiiers, ultra-trekkers, and outdoor enthusiasts using our packs to enjoy the outdoors. Nothing is as rewarding, however, as hearing about the creation of new outdoor enthusiasts! Check out this note we recently received from Reed McCraken, the owner of

When it comes to summer backpacking, we're a Deuter Backpacks family. Every other weekend we plan to backpack up the slopes of one of the Northeast's tallest peaks with our 7 & 9 year olds. We started here in our backyard on Mt. Mansfield which we see every day on the way to our store in Waterbury, VT. The Deuter ACT Lite SL 60+10 women's backpack--in the foreground--has become our always goes with us while we test out other packs. At 3 lbs. 8 oz. you won't find a better all-around pack and you won't believe how comfortable it is when carrying a full load.

We've also found that Deuter makes the best overnight backpacks for young kids. Our 7 year old son--in the lead--is sporting a Deuter Fox 30 backpack while our daughter carries a Fox 40 backpack. These packs are just the right size for carrying what the kids need for 2 nights: a sleeping bag, pad, pillow, clothes, and a large stuffed animal! Headlamps, playing cards, and toiletries get nicely organized in the top pocket which is even big enough for sneaking a copy of a Harry Potter novel and writing journal. These packs are also perfect because they're fun to carry around airports and will maximize your carry-on allowance!

Hopefully this Saturday you'll find us atop NH's Mt. Adams.

Thanks Reed, send us some summit photos!

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