Squad Goals: Deuter Ambassador Team

The Deuter Ambassador Team is a collection of rump-kicking outdoor folks from various walks of life assembled to help spread the word about Deuter. Recently, in the Colorado Rockies, the team came together for an action-packed, 3-day summit to dive into what it means to be an ambassador for the world’s leading backpack brand.

In one little exercise (after a full day of actual exercise outside in a late spring snowstorm) we considered the official goal of the Deuter Ambassador Team. Here it is, in all its corporate-speak beauty:

Assemble a collection of committed brand evangelicals who will authentically represent the company and assist Deuter in delivering consistent on-message content.

Everyone agreed that the spirit of the Deuter Ambassador Team could be summed up better in the form of a haiku, so we split up and gave it a shot. Sure beats the old "thinking outside the box, creating synergies" kind of talk!



Ellie Farmer spending some quality time in the Kid Comfort, with dad, Zak, at the helm. Photos: Karsten Delap



Connecting to real

Experiences outside

Passion with Deuter


 Deuter’s Ambassador-in-Chief, Becky Marcelliano
Deuter’s Ambassador-in-Chief, Becky Marcelliano.



An ambassador

Tells a compelling story

People want to read


DSC08282-copy-1024x683 Ambassador Vasu Sojitra leads a group on an uphill ski in the Colorado backcountry.



Get outside and live

Share memories with each other

Inspire our world


M28A8216-copy-1024x683 Ambassador Faith Dickey is always looking up.



Camp, bike, ski, hike, climb

Grab your pack and lighten up

Spread love of Deuter

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